Additional Services

Restoration of old or damaged photos, as well as scanning of images (whether positive or negative film, or of prints) with production of new prints or high resolution digital images on CD are additional services available.
I am also able to offer one-to-one practical training in photo manipulation using software such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements - the industry standard software in "adding value" after the image has been taken.
Image Restoration
The restoration of old or damaged photographs includes repair and retouching of the images, together with tonal and colour correction, and the recovery of images which may have faded over time. Restored images can be printed or saved as digital files. The original print will be scanned and returned with the corrected image either as a high resolution digital file on CD/DVD/email, or as a print. Image restoration prices are quoted on an individual basis.

Transparency and Negative scanning
Transparency and negatives can be scanned and printed, depending on quantity or saved on to CD or DVD. Scanning prices are quoted on an individual basis.

One-to-One Software Training
Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are the industry standard software packages used to enhance images - at a basic level, it may mean no more than cropping the image or adjusting the contrast and lighting. On a more sophisticated level, it may be a total "artistic re-interpretation" of the image. One-to-one training in these techniques can be provided up to an intermediate skill level.