New Year's Resolution...... To introduce a "blog"

The business case for being a photographer seems to me to be pretty poor - nearly everyone nowadays carries a camera, if only on their mobile, tablet or ipad - and photography (of a very variable quality) is ubiquitous via Instagram and Facebook.

Trying to make money from photography when everyone fancies themselves as a photographer seems a mugs game - very few are going to make their fortune, and the costs of setting up a studio, a retail premise, the obtaining of the photographic gear (camera bodies, lenses, tripods, filters, flash equipment, computers, software) or the building of a network of collaborators to include make-up artists, hairdressers, set builders, post-production specialists etc must be prohibitive for all but a very best with a wealthy clientele willing and able to pay a realistic price for such services.

As an amateur photographer with some artistic aspirations - but never having made any money from the hobby (my wife says it's an obsession - it being more serious than mere enthusiasm !) - the New Year resolution is to take the advice - that the way forward is via social media, and to use a (hopefully growing) network of contacts and referrals to build awareness and business and start making some money to pay for all the kit I now own !!

So - I am starting a blog. To provide a diary of my photographic adventures - successes and failures - and see where it goes, and whether I can make a few bob to buy next year's "must have" camera or lens, or to pay something towards that trip to capture the perfect image ........